Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Heart Faces Contest


Another blog that I follow has entered into photo contests. So I decided to join in too. This week's theme is "The Eyes Have It". Although she is going to beat the socks off of everyone in the contest. Here is her link: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

I have to enter the contest through my blog, so many of you have already seen this picture of Carter in the fall. But I love his eyes in this picture.

Be sure to click on the button below to check out the I Heart Faces blogsite.


Amanda said...

Great pic! I was going to talk to you about that contest on Friday - I want to start it too, but not this week...

For Friday - I think I'm gonna be too pooped to cook, so it's your choice - pizza & wings or chinese!

Kelly said...

Your picture is beautiful! There are some really incredible pictures in there every week. Thanks for the confidence boost though!


great job way to go ny long island port jeff here now fla but love to hear from fellow ny ers .

i would go with the chinese lol saw that comments and it is making my tunmmy grumble.

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